Lily’s running blog

Lily is a middle child; a lucky middle child in my eyes! She was at primary school at Garden Fields School. It’s a pretty good state school with AMAZING opportunities if you like sport. She played sports to her hearts content facilitated by a passionate PE teacher, sports apprentices, and teachers who were just doing their jobs but probably didn’t realise they were shaping Lily’s love for sport and in particular in running.¬†After winning the 400m sports day race in year 2 (aged 7), there was no stopping her. Lily wants to run! She wants to run the next 1500m, the next muddy cross-country race, she wants to run in Spain (but would be happy with anywhere in Europe), she wants to run the London Marathon, she wants to run in the Olympics!!! I’m keeping the blog for her in case she makes it to the Olympics but if not, it will be fun to look back at what we spent the weekends doing.

Mei (mum)

Check out Lily’s results on the Power of 10…¬†Lily’s profile.