Lily has wanted to do the Park Run #277 for ages so we finally got round to taking her (she’s taking a break from her Saturday morning Chinese school). I thought since I was driving her up to Verulamium Park, I may as well do it… it’s pretty crazy; 100’s of people charging around the lakes! Lily found some running buddies from St Albans Athletics club and made her way to the front of the pack. Meanwhile I hung around the the back wanting to hide in the bushes! 3 times round the lakes felt like it was never going to end and then a small hill at the end nearly finished me off but I’m too competitive and proud to stop so I kept going… slowly!

Lily finished near the front and I finished near the back but we were both very happy.

Lily’s quote at the end of the race “I could have done another 3km waiting for you mummy…”


Lily 19:24

Mei 31:02